lmdlfmbldblmldfmbldmfblmdbdlbmldbmldIn a world where we yearn for greener environment to protect us from the imminent scarcity of pure air and water, even the very thought of using wood for creating doors and windows is alarming. Moreover, owing to the ever increasing cost of wood, only very few can afford the luxury of using the wood they cherish. Even if one could manage to find the right wood for crafting doors and windows for their homes and offices, the innumerable number of issues related to the durability, stability and safety poses serious threats to very purpose of the choice made.

steel-doorThe lookout for an appropriate alternative to replace wood was on from time immemorial and steel emerged the ultimate winner among the various materials considered as the best alternative. Steel with its strength, stability, durability and pricing became the obvious choice of industry professionals as well as home makers who always wanted to blend in strength with style. Steel as it is one of the strongest materials used in construction available till date has many advantages to clinch the coveted place of being the right alternative for wooden doors and windows.

liberfusta-sl-fire-doors-fire-door-stainless-steel-frame-718166-FGRThe inflammable nature of steel is one of the most appreciated qualities that make it best suited for crafting doors and windows as against wood which is easily prone to fire and poses fatal threats to the building and inmates. Apart from being inflammable steel actually contains fire and keeps it from spreading further. Another plus point of steel doors are of course their durability while wooden doors are easily destroyed by insects like termites and are susceptible to seasonal climatic fluctuations. Wooden door manufacturers treat wood with hazardous chemicals and pesticides in order to make it withstand these attacks as well as natural decay occurring to the wood which makes wooden doors and windows unsuitable for indoor use while steel doors withstand the tolls of time with ease.

Durability is another major element that makes steel doors and windows the obvious choice of the generation next. Sturdy by nature, steel doors have a longer life span and is free of frequent maintenance as in the case of wood. These energy efficient doors and windows are much easy to operate and maintain and long term maintenance costs are reduced as steel is resistant to rot, mould terminate, and insect infestation. Good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is another advantage of steel as it does not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCS). Steel is on the greener side as it contains 25% recycled steel and is 100% recyclable. It has proven performance in high wind and seismic zones and the non combustibility of steel allows significant increase in density in commercial and multi-family structures which in turn offers the building owners with higher revenue potential.

Steel Doors vs Wooden Doors

The Greener Choice

  • Environment friendly

  • 100% Recyclability

  • Increased Durability

  • More safety and security

  • Fireproof

  • Design flexibilty

  • Good indoor air quality

  • Less Maintenance

  • Immune to termites and other insects

  • Not susceptible to fungus and mould

  • Lower weight lessens risk of wall breaks

  • Earhquake and High wind resistance

  • Straight walls and square corners for better operation

  • No need to shim walls